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✩54 Ranzuki February 2012✩


How is everyone? Today, I wanted to look at one of the magazines I recently got. It has such a cute cover in very fuwa fuwa style. The rainbow stars and text are also a nice touch! Let's see what's inside~

I would have died for a Co&Lu lucky pack. Especially for any of their star print items!

A mini article on Natsumi. She looks absolutely adorable here. Pastels are one of my weaknesses.

Looks like a contest to redesign the mascot that I didn't even know they had XD Can anyone tell me what exactly is going on here?

A guide to different eyelashes. I wish they still made a lot of these. It's a shame that a lot of the brands are gone and the ones that are left do natural style. I am lucky enough to have collected a few of these and hope to find more old styles like these.

Can we talk about the model's hair in the Yu House ad? I aim to do something similar when my hair finally grows out again. 

The table of contents is really cute and colorful. I'm so used to how EGG's looks with all of the picture cutouts that this one just amazes me. But it's a nice change of pace. 

I love seeing the makeup routine of models with different styles. This one is extremely helpful with the different parts. They even list which products were used~

I have always wanted to do my lips like this! I saw a different way with concealer but I never liked how it looked when I did it. Here's hoping this one will work out better for me!

COCOLULU and JSG?! Yes please!

Really fun and chic streetwear! I especially love the sweater and shorts/skirt combo. Cute prints also seemed to be trendy.

I really want this collection! I'm pretty sure that's Snoopy's sister Belle? You always see Snoopy but never his siblings so I'm in love with everything here!

You can definitely tell it's that time of year waiting for spring. That's how it is right now actually and I just want to not have to wear a coat anymore...

Are these the zodiac seasons? There's charts and everything! See if you can read about yours from back in 2012!

A close look at some key items used. Lots of cute and cozy styles with oversized sweaters and skirts. My favorite combination!

They're actually from different fukubukuro! Do you see your favorite brand?

As a gal and graphic designer, I am in love with this spread. Not only is it from a photoshoot but also replicates a magazine cover! These looks are great inspo~

Hair transformation! I have actually tried some of these and unfortunately they didn't do much for me. They are fun to do though. Especially the foaming one.

I see you SBY accessories!

I wish I knew what these couple of spreads were saying. The illustrations have me so curious.

This spread is just perfect! I love her hair and lips are done. This is literally the term "serving looks".

Of course, I'm going to be super excited for this section with all the Amekaji. I can't wait to do similar looks for the spring and summer. I have a few pieces that will work well for a lot of these~

Cold weather fashion~ Everything is super furry and looks extra warm. It looks like if it's not animal print then it's furry!

I love when magazines include stretching exercises XD

I wonder how people reacted when she did some of these in public. 

I also wonder what kind of stuff would be written here lol

I actually liked Milky Bunny for a little bit. I was kind of surprised to see her here.

Ranzuki SNS! ....which are sadly all dead links as to be expected...

My favorite lash brand next to Diamond Lash!

Annnnddddd here we go with the ads section...

Does anyone else remember this collab? I can't tell you how badly I wanted the hoodie and skirt...

I don't think I could wear a matching set with my fiance...

Unfortunately, Ranzuki and a number of Jfashion magazines really pushed for weight loss and enhancements. So I apologize for these pages. 

Jelly ad! Does anyone love this magazine or still read it?

Check out your fortunes for your sign!

And there we have it. That is the entire February 2012 issue of Ranzuki. I actually really enjoyed this issue. It has a lot of good inspo and seems to have a good variety of articles. I can't wait to finish learning Japanese so I can actually read them. XD 

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and for your support! Feel free to share or even pin these on Pinterest. But please remember to tag me if you do! Thank you~

Let me know in the comments if you enjoy posts like these and which part of this issue you liked the most. 

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Blog de la Licorne. さんのコメント...

I truly like these Japanese magazines! Everything looks so pretty in them 🌸

Blog de la Licorne *

Sparklewolfie さんのコメント...

Ooh thanks for sharing!
The lip reshaping makeup is something I've been struggling with for ages since I have a frowning type mouth XD Tried many styles of redrawing before, but haven't been able to test the longevity due to masks screwing it up XD

Coordinates are so cute too!!

And I actually like seeing diet pages :P I can't read them, so I don't know if they're doing healthy tips or something crazy like BEYONCE DIET! was, but it's always those last 3-5kg that is the hardest to shed v_v; So I like seeing how others get through it!
Same with body modification :P I doubt magazine will let the girls say a truly unbiased reaction to their operations, but it's nice to hear how different people achieved what they want! Now of course, can just go online to see uncensored reviews of places and procedures and specific doctors even >:D

If you do some of the lips or eyeshape redrawings, will you be posting tutorials? Or even just before/after?

キーリん♡ さんのコメント...

I'm glad! Hope you will like the others I will post in the future♥

キーリん♡ さんのコメント...

You know - concentrating so much on eyes, I never looked at my own mouth really lmao. But I hear ya about the masks ruining it lol. I just tend to wear lip gloss.
With the body stuff, I worry if it will offend others. So I noted it. And yeah, it's definitely different nowadays. You can actually see stuff online.
If I were to do these, I would try to do a tutorial. But no guarantees xD

Lizzie Bee さんのコメント...

Aaaaah thank you so much for uploading these scans! I never really looked at Ranzuki before (I was more of an Ageha, EGG and Popteen gal) so it's really nice to see these! 💖